Automatic macOS Application Installation

Fully featured trial
One-off payment of £9.99


Nevis status bar item

Works in the Background

Nevis lives in your status bar, running in the background and watching the folders you've setup.

Nevis status bar item and dock icon

Manually Process Files

Files can be manually dragged and dropped on to the status bar icon or tab bar icon to be processed.

Nevis system notification

You’re in Control

Configuration options enable having Nevis ask you prior to performing any actions, or it can perform all actions automatically without your intervention.

Empty Downloads folder with item in Bin

Automatic Cleanup

Once a file has been processed it will automatically be moved to the Bin, helping prevent your Downloads folder from getting clogged up.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Secure Is Nevis?

Nevis is a sandboxed application, meaning it cannot access files you have not given it access to.

However, DMGs cannot be handled by a sandboxed application. To support DMGs Nevis uses an XPC service called "MountainXPC". This service is only used for handling DMGs and does not pose a security risk.

What Version of macOS Does Nevis Support?
Nevis supports macOS 10.15 (Catalina) and later.

Does Nevis Support Apple Silicon?
Yes, Nevis is ready for the release of Macs with Apple Silicon.

What Does the Purchase of a License Unlock?

Each installation of Nevis allows for 10 applications to be copied from watched folders.

Once 10 applications have been copied Nevis will stop watching folders. Files can always be manually processed by dropping the file on the dock icon or status bar icon, even without a license.